Baby K - Hampton Roads | Chesapeake | Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer

I have had the honor of watching this family grow.  I photographed big brother 17 months ago, and now baby #2!  So excited for this sweet sweet family!!  Baby K just would not stop smiling.  The best was, every time big brother gave him a kiss on the head, he gave off a big smile.  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen.  #siblinglove #newborn #newbornphotographer

Happy Mother's Day - Virginia Beach Photographer - Newborns | Baby | Family

Wow how time flies!!  I never thought that 2 little human beings could bring out so much emotion out of me.  One minute, I am a fire breathing dragon and the next minute, I am cuddled up next to these two and giving tickles and laughs.  Seriously,  we've had the best of times and the worst of times.  But there is nothing I would change.  Motherhood truly is a gift and a blessing from God!  

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mamas who have given me the honor and privilege of photographing their baby's first few days on earth!  It is like being welcomed into the family and a job I take very seriously.   So here's to you all!!  Hope you get treated with lots of love and pampering.  

It wouldn't be right in my house to let Mother's day pass by without a photo session.  Cue the lights, camera, action!!! Unfortunately, dad was away.  :( 

Fun In The Snow!!! Hampton Roads | Virginia Beach | Norfolk | Chesapeake Newborn Photographer

It has already been a year since we moved here.  Can't believe we have snow already, thanks to Storm Jonas !  I was bummed we didn't get as much snow as DC but a little is better than nothing.  My kids got to enjoy like 30 min. of it before it turned into rain.  So of course being the photog mom that I am, I grabbed my camera and had them pose in between shoveling. 

Guest Bathroom Renovation - Virginia Beach Photographer

So work on this house seems pretty much never-ending.  I tackled our 2nd bathroom and I'm so proud of myself for not doing white and grey.  haha   This one is in the guest bedroom so I wanted to go a bit more rustic but I still managed to squeeze some gold in there.  :)  

I have to say I am extra proud of this renovation b/c all the big items are from Home Depot and Lowes.  It was truly a budget friendly renovation.  And b/c I hate starting off a post with ugly images, the before photos are at the bottom.  


The Kimmies - Virginia Beach Newborn | Baby | Child Photographer

So my husband has been deployed the last 5 months, and my photography has been put on hold while I raise these two kids by myself, have 2 bathrooms renovated, and pretty much makeover the whole house.  With all the chaos and running around, I realized I don't have many decent pictures of my kids, other than the quick iPhone photos which end up being uploaded into my iPhotos library never to be seen again.  So before they grow any more, I decided a photo session was in order.  And as time goes on, they are more and more willing to put up with my shenanigans.  LOL  I just love these guys!!!  They fill my life with love and joy and purpose.  

Master Bathroom Renovation - White | Grey | Chrome | Gold - Virginia Beach Photographer

Well today, I am not going to post about people I have photographed but instead will give you a sneak peek at my home.  The few months I have been running around like a mad woman on a renovation reality show.  It's great that it keeps me busy during my husband's deployment, but all the chaos has had my home covered in dust and shipping boxes of things that I keep purchasing and returning for this renovation.  Anyway, I'm excited to say that it's finally complete.  Now, I still have to accessorize and put shelves, hooks and pictures on the walls but I'm actually crazy enough to think that I may just repaint the walls another color.   LOL  I'm really into White and Gold so lately my entire house has been repainted and reaccessorized to satisfy my obsession.  Makes me think that maybe I should start a home blog.  Haha

Here are the before/ after photos:  (I'm going to put the before photos on the bottom because I'd hate to start off a photography blog post with a horrible picture.  And excuse the bad wide angle photos.  I actually sold my wide angle lens last year so I had to use my iPhone.)

Lost at Sea - Hampton Roads | Virginia Beach | Norfolk | Chesapeake | Newport News - Newborn Photographer

I feel like such a delinquent for not posting any photos since I've moved here.  I've been lost in a sea of DIY projects for our new house.  I will soon post photos of what I've been working on.  If you follow me on Instagram (susanbangphoto), you can see some of my DIY projects there.  

Anyway, today, I thought it was high time I picked up my camera before I begin to lose all interest.  haha  Every week we have a meeting on Fort Story and the office is right next to a lighthouse.  So today was going to be picture day for the kids!  As they get older, I'm finding that there's a lot less bribing going on while clicking away.  Dare I say that they are actually becoming willing models!!  LOL 

Detached from the world! - Hampton Roads | Virginia Beach | Chesapeake | Norfolk, VA - Newborn Photographer

I've been silent for while but not by choice.  We moved into our new home and it has been very difficult trying to get cable and Internet in our house.  Oh the joys and hardships of moving And owning a home.  Anything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong.   But by God's grace, things have slowly been working out. My poor husband has  been the victim of "angry wife syndrome" for the past week.  Lol.   Things are slowly coming together.  :). 


We moved!!! - Hampton Roads | Virginia Beach | Chesapeake | Norfolk, VA - Newborn Photographer

I can't believe it finally happened.  I was in denial for a very long time, but we are finally moved in to our new house in Virginia Beach, VA.  We still have aloy of unpacking to do and I'm trying to figure out the logistics of an in-home studio.   But hopefully I can start taking Newborn Session bookings by the end of the month!!  Can't wait to start photographing newborns again!!!  Oh and Happy New Year!!!

Newborn Photo Prop - Hampton Roads Newborn Photographer - Virginia Beach | Norfolk | Chesapeake | Newport News - Newborn Portrait Session

So a while back I had made this doily bowl and I finally got to use it at my last session.  I wish I had used a little less wool so you that you could see more of the doily but the baby was so sensitive to my touch, I had to just take the picture as quickly as I could before she awoke.  Isn't she a cutie?  She certainly helps my bowl look awesome!!  haha