Master Bathroom Renovation - White | Grey | Chrome | Gold - Virginia Beach Photographer

Well today, I am not going to post about people I have photographed but instead will give you a sneak peek at my home.  The few months I have been running around like a mad woman on a renovation reality show.  It's great that it keeps me busy during my husband's deployment, but all the chaos has had my home covered in dust and shipping boxes of things that I keep purchasing and returning for this renovation.  Anyway, I'm excited to say that it's finally complete.  Now, I still have to accessorize and put shelves, hooks and pictures on the walls but I'm actually crazy enough to think that I may just repaint the walls another color.   LOL  I'm really into White and Gold so lately my entire house has been repainted and reaccessorized to satisfy my obsession.  Makes me think that maybe I should start a home blog.  Haha

Here are the before/ after photos:  (I'm going to put the before photos on the bottom because I'd hate to start off a photography blog post with a horrible picture.  And excuse the bad wide angle photos.  I actually sold my wide angle lens last year so I had to use my iPhone.)