Easter Portraits - DC/Northern Virginia/ Fairfax County - Baby/Child/Family Photographer

Every Easter, I struggle with the thought of taking my kids to Easter egg hunts and showing them Easter bunnies.  I want them to have fun, after all they are kids, but at the same time, I don't want to take away from the real reason we celebrate Easter.  We celebrate that our Savior is Risen!!  Everyday should be Easter b/c we should never forget the price that was paid on our behalf and the hope that we have in Him, that one day we will be with Him throughout eternity!!  

Cherry Blossoms With My Family - DC/ Northern VA Family Photographer

Since we moved here, I had not gotten a chance to see the cherry blossoms here in DC.  But this year may be our last chance so we planned a last minute outing to go see them before they all blow away.  So I brought my gear and tripod and made a photo session of it.  It was beautiful and even more enchanting every time the wind blew the blossoms everywhere.  It was like blossom snow!   

Of course I had to match my shoes to my daughter's dress.